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Бізнес-центр «LEMBERG» - м. Львів вул. Хмельницького Б. (Офісна нерухомість, Торгова нерухомість) - Фасад

Бізнес-центр «LEMBERG»

  • Площа: 7500
  • ID: 284
Будинок в центрі Львова - м. Львів вул. Дорошенка П. (Офісна нерухомість, Торгова нерухомість, Рекреаційна нерухомість, Інвестиційні проекти) - вид з Проспекту від памятника т.Шевченку

Будинок в центрі Львова

  • Вартість(у.о.): 4200000
  • Вартість м2/га(у.о.): 1
  • Площа: 881
  • ID: 651

“Its better to wait and stop buying plots now”

Category: Actual articles

That is about what so the levels of population not provided with habitation long hoped, happens - the real estate market “has fallen”. It would seem, wait now when apartments begin to sell on normal, instead of to the overestimated prices. Herein even there are thoughts on own country habitation (and why and is not present). But not here that was …
The room market worries crisis, but it does not mean yet, that the prices for square meters will immediately fail - builders freeze objects and wait till the best times. For sellers of the country real estate “distemper” times have not come yet, but also there not all is got on.

Play here in a large way

The market of the country real estate as well as capital room, has not the best times. Actions could be seen that basically the large players moving not by banal six hundred parts, and tens hectares. Sales of small plots under building also are in the bulk made by secondhand dealers. Therefore earth cost, as well as earlier the price of the Kiev apartments, grows at the expense of speculative operations.
As buyers in these transactions end users, and secondhand dealers who try to discover sites with a successful arrangement (near to highways, a good automobile outcome, etc.), for the purpose of their purchase and resale under HUNDRED, warehouse, refuellings act not or division into sites it is less and sales already at retail. In the latter case the hundred part is bought by hectares under the price, for example, to $1000, and after dividing is on sale three times more expensively. But to get on this market, it is necessary to have the solid starting capital, estimated hundred thousand dollars.

The area dictates the price

Ground area cost directly depends on its arrangement. For example, the most expensive, Kievo-Svjatoshinskoe the direction is appreciated that here there is a convenient traffic intersection, beautiful enough nature, a quite good infrastructure. Earth cost here grows constantly though already and “reads off scale”.
And here the Borispolsky area though is in number of leaders under the prices, of such “bonuses” cannot brag. The only thing, than it “takes” the potential buyer, presence excellent бориспольской lines.
The rest it concedes in all to cheaper areas. To take at least the sites located beyond Borispol - journey to morning and evening hours through this city-companion turns to a nightmare of the motorist - stoppers here more rigidly, than in capital.
Under forecasts, the areas adjoining the future district road will grow in the near future in the price. After the announcement of its building of operation of purchase and sale here have grown in times. At what buy up as sites in garden co-operative societies adjoining a line, and ground shares. Under forecasts риелторов, the prices in areas adjoining a new circuitous route at least will not fall, and in separate areas will grow only.

Well and how it to buy?

To buy now the earth for the purpose of the subsequent resale at least it is inexpedient. For the first time for the last couple of years earth cost near Kiev has fallen (see the table). And though this falling is insignificant in comparison with the previous growth - it can become the first call to time stabilization of the price for the earth (and even to falling).
Therefore in any case earth purchase under personal use is better for postponing at least for half a year - for this time cost if will grow, not much more, and here if it falls (as the market of the capital real estate) it at least will be unpleasant.
But there is one more reason, on which ordinary Ukrainian, most likely, cannot buy the ground area in the near future - banks in large quantities reduce crediting volumes, increase interest rates - and it means, that earth purchase by installments becomes practically unreal.
According to deputy director of REA «AliansBrok» Sergey Podgornogo, banks which worked under the program of crediting of the earth, either have essentially reduced loans, or have refused them at all. As informs delo.ua, bankers explain reduction of this product of crediting by problems with reception of state certificates on the earth and risks of object.

Personal experience

There was a good auction
Irina Mykulenko, the businessman:
- In country co-operative society in Brovarsky area we have bought the site two years ago. All this time it stably grew in the price, and its cost has risen more than twice. Still one year ago anybody from participants of co-operative society did not sell the six hundred parts - all waited still more for growth. But now announcements of sale began to appear.
At what of the price about same, as well as last year. And if to consider that sellers also agree to bargain it is possible to draw a conclusion that sites stand today on pair thousand more cheaply, than one year ago. But, despite it. We to sell the plot we do not gather, because it is not known, that will be further with dollar and гривней, and the earth is the earth.

Indicators of the market of the earth in the Kiev area for the last week from 13.10.2008
From 6 on October, 12th cost of the ground areas under cottage building in 11 Kiev areas has decreased for the first time for last year, within 0,17 % ($11) to 6868 dollars for a hundred part


«PortCity» will be launched in Lutsk

Category: City of Lutsk

In Lutsk is been building a multipurpose complex «PortCity» by a total area of 62,4 thousand the sq. m. which launch is planned in the end of the second quarter 2010. Complex will consist of the two-storeyed trading-entertaining centre (38,04 thousand sq.) on street Suhomlinsky, 1 and five-floor trading-office centre (24,38 thousand sq.) on street Sobornosti, 41. In REC the underground parking by the general capacity nearby 200 машиномест is provided, and in trading-office building two autoparkings will take places: on the ground floor - 130 autoparkings and on a roof - 50 autoparkings.
The customer of building is Joint-Stock Company «the Grandee Market Hroup» (Lutsk), builders are from corporation “Altis-holding” (Kiev).


Investors are still interested in Ukrainian market

Category: Actual articles

Partners of lawyer company Arzinger and Partners (Ukraine) Timur Bondarev, and Anna Pogrebna that have taken part in EXPO Real 2008 - the greatest International exhibition of the commercial real estate in Europe - notice that Ukraine, as before, is on interest for foreign investors.
As well as last year, at present conference the senior partner Arzinger and Partners Timur Bondarev has taken part in panel discussion Real Estate Investors Guide: Ukraine, devoted by a question of consultation of potential investors in the commercial real estate of Ukraine.
«Despite of crisis, Ukraine still is interesting for investors. Partially it is caused by that the developed markets oversaturated and big builders search for variants in the markets which develop. The Ukrainian market of the real estate is young enough here again still high potential of the subsequent development, first of all in a segment of scale projects, they first of all involve the western investors», - Timur Bondarev has noted. - «Though in connection with crisis it is a lot of projects in real estate sphere are stopped, and new do not begin, crisis all the same has also positive value for the market as the catalyst of some agreements in branch which conduct to redistribution of particles aside stronger players. In the world markets, especially corresponding tendencies already are outlined in sphere of retail, and Ukraine will not be an exception», - he has underlined.
Partner Anna Pogrebna which was a session moderator «Tourist development in Germany, Ukraine and the Baltic States», at conference «European Hotel Development» which passed in frameworks EXPO Real, as the basic deterrent for development of the Ukrainian hotel business named legislative barriers to investment.
«Today, and it is especially sharply felt on the eve of Euro 2012, hotel business in Ukraine, in effect, depends on readiness of the state to provide a favorable mode for investment, to reduce bureaucratic barriers and to provide protection of investments. The Ukrainian lawyers-experts are ready to co-operate with legislators in reduction of standard base (earth taps, the design documentation, certification, and so forth) in conformity with strategy of increase of investment appeal of tourist business. The basic competitors of Ukraine as the state which involves investments, - Czech, Poland and the Baltic States, undertake real steps to this direction», - Anna Pogrebna has noted.
The international financial crisis was the main theme of discussions at real estate fair, certainly, but it has not weakened interest to fair, quantity of its participants were record - more than 17 500 firms and 24 500 visitors.
The program of conferences within the limits of EXPO REAL covered over 100 actions with the assistance of 400 known experts with reports on the vital topics: about development of the market of the real estate, about instability of the international financial markets in connection with credit crisis in the USA, about introduction of trusts REIT in Germany, and also about the markets of India and Turkey which dynamically develop.
The inquiry
The legal company « Arzinger and Partners» specializes on granting of a full spectrum of legal services to the large national and international companies in Ukraine and abroad.
Our clients - the leading Ukrainian and foreign companies which work in branches of the real estate, buildings, telecommunications, pharmaceutics, transport, the food industry, fuel-gas sector, and also on financial, to a banking and insurance.
In the company 70 employees work. Working languages - English, German, Ukrainian, Russian.
Our basic experts: merge and absorption, the corporate right, the real estate and the building competitive and the antimonopoly right, the intellectual right, judicial representation, the financial and tax right, is state private partnership


“No” monopoly in realty sector

Category: Ukrainian News

The statement concerning monopolization of the realty companies, sounding from lips of the former president of Association of experts of the real estate of Ukraine Alexander Bondarenko, is groundless.
On it the correspondent of LigaBusinessInform was informed by Anatoly Topal, the vice-president of the Union of experts in the real estate of Ukraine.

Holding “TKS” has involved $10 million by sale of 20 % of actions TKS Concrete Ltd

Category: Lviv news

Holding “TKS” (Truskavets, the Lviv region) has involved $10 million direct investments in concrete business by sale of 20 % of actions of own company on manufacture of concrete TKS Concrete Ltd.
As the holding press-service informs, as investors have acted Kentor Trading Ltd (Cyprus) and Vostok Komi (both is Cyprus) to which belongs on 10 % of actions of the company.